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How to Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind), 3rd Edition


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Join the movement to travel more with your family. We've traveled the world with our child and have learned it is not easy but is absolutely worth it. Don't lose out on those early years and start building amazing memories now!

In the e-book, we cover the essentials of traveling with your kids in 16 comprehensive chapters:

  • Travel tips for long flights, car rides, trains, buses and cruises
  • Managing Sickness During Travel and Travel Tantrums 
  • Tips on developing the right mindset for a positive travel experience
  • Printable packing checklists so you don't forget things!
  • Managing sleep and food during travel
  • Traveling with children in toilet/potty-training
  • A list of our favorite travel toys, books and learning apps to keep your kids learning and entertained.
  • And so much more!

Trusted by thousands of parents in over 60 countries for travel tips, advice and inspiration.

What Others Are Saying

I highly recommend this e-book.

"As a parent that loves to travel, this e-book is a great resource to help us plan our next trip! It's full of great recommendations and helpful tips to make traveling with our daughter fun for all of us."


I was so inspired reading the e-book.

"One of the favorite things I learned was being able to have “adult time” while being away. The idea of finding a nanny while traveling to be able to explore and enjoy the local night life is wonderful."


Makes me want to Travel Now!

"This e-book delivers tactical advice that is easy to consume and immediately use for travels with my little ones. I highly recommend it! "


Great tips coming from real experience.

"This e-book covers all that you'll need for a successful and fun family trip including ideas that would have never crossed my mind. The product recommendations are alo also helpful and are just a click away!"


Stop postponing your travels.

"This book allowed us to stop fretting about long flights and made it easy for us to embrace traveling as a family of 3. We are now able to share the world with her, and a big reason is because of this book!"  


Love the in-depth details.

"This e-book covers all the key topics with respect to traveling with kids. I am looking forward to some fun adventures with my family!"


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We are parents just like you. Wrote this e-book to inspire and provide practical, realistic tips and strategies to travel with your children.

We are extremely proud of this e-book and we know anyone who buys it and uses it will be thrilled with their purchase and receive tons of value. 

That’s why we are offering a 14-day money back guarantee. 

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What you get inside the e-book?

This e-book has 16 comprehensive chapters that cover the most important aspects of traveling with kids. We will keep updating the e-book with new and fresh content that will be sent to you automatically for FREE if you buy today!  

Here is our current table of contents:  

  • Introduction to The 2 Idiots
  • Why Wait? Travel Now!
  • What do I Pack? (with printable packing checklists!)
  • Plane Travel (updated!)
  • Train Travel
  • Car Travel
  • Bus Travel
  • Cruises (new chapter!) 
  • Accomodations and Airbnb (printable check-in checklist included!)
  • Travel Tantrums
  • Sleeping Arrangements and Schedules (updated!)
  • Managing Food while traveling
  • Managing Sickness while traveling
  • Potty/Toilet Training while traveling (new chapter!)
  • Links to Our Favorite Things including our favorite travel products and travel apps (updated!)
  • Final Thoughts

Meet The 2 Idiots

Hi there! 

We are The Two Idiots, Natasha and AJ, and this is our son, Aarav. We are a semi-nomadic traveling family of three, otherwise based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

In the summer of 2017, we embarked on an incredible journey around the world where we visited six continents, 31 countries, and took 39 flights—and we did it all with our then two-year-old! Over the course of almost nine months, we laughed, we cried and we survived tantrums.

And through it all, we were inspired to write this e-book to help other families like yourself travel with your kid and create a life of travel for yourself. 


1. Where all have you traveled?

We have literally traveled all over the world! As of today, we have been to 6 continents and 41 countries, taken 69 flights, sailed on 4 cruises and traveled to a total of 109 destinations. We've taken a helicopter ride over Victoria falls, went on a safari in Botswana, snorkeled in the Galapagos, driven through Patagonia and through it all learnt a ton and built some amazing memories along the way.

2. Why did you write this e-book?

We have always loved to travel but realize that traveling with children is hard and understand why new parents and parents with young children are hesitant to do it. We've also realized that traveling with your child can lead to amazing moments and build stronger memories than traveling solo or as a couple. We have also dealt with almost any situation that comes your way whether it is traveling on a long plane ride, dealing with jet lag, a tantrum in a restaurant and so many other curve balls children throw your way. 

We had essentially learnt how to deal with the ups and downs of travel and make sure you can have a good time no matter what the situation. And that we could help other parents do the same - that's what led us to write this e-book!

3. When will I receive my e-book?  

You will receive your e-book immediately after placing your order via a download link. We will also send you an order confirmation e-mail that you can store safely to download in the future (we will send all future updates of the e-book to your email as well).

4. Is this e-book available in Spanish or any other languages?

At this time, the e-book is only available in English. However, translating this e-book to other languages is something we do plan to do in the future. 

5. How does the FREE unlimited updates work?  

We are constantly updating our content and just released our 3rd edition with a ton of new content and chapter. You will reap the rewards of buying the e-book for LIFE, and we will send any new updates immediately at no cost to you.

6. I have a question about the e-book or about your family. How do I get in touch with you?

Please email us here and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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